Carephone Direct Irl Ltd


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Carephone Direct was formed in 1998 after its founders Francoise Caruana and Trevor McMullan realised there was a need for a reliable and safe product that would enable older and vulnerable people to live with peace of mind in safety and security in their own homes.
Sourcing the best product was always a priorty.
After securing the agency for the Antenna CareBeNeLux 1999,
Carephone became agents for TeleAlarm in 2003 and in 2006 for Bosch Security Systems.
Carephone Direct is currently the main agent for the Bosch Carephone in Ireland.
Our mission, at Carephone Direct, is to help older people and those who are vulnerable in society to live with peace of mind in safety and security.
Our Aim is to enable our clients to
maintain their independance and dignity while feeling easily connected to the services of the wider community.
Our duty is to provide the best and most reliable carephone equipment and to deliver a sincere, professional and caring service.